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The Oiled-up Hot Model Supporting Role of a Lifetime

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A little over a month ago, I was in the process of locating a 2nd assist on an editorial project with Ty Allison, a shooter out of CA. I spoke with a few folks here in Seatown and found a great guy eager to help out with the project. I explained that this wasn’t the project where we’d be oiling up fantastically hot models or standing around shop-talking for an hour how a particular linen was going to fall ever-so non-intentionally across a bedspread.

This was going to be ‘work’ work, in fact humping gear to the top of a peak some 1,200 feet up the 2 mile trail. The goal was to have about 50 lbs. on each strapping lad’s back and mule it up there. Sherpa for a day.

That was the view, so it was well worth the time it took to get up there. The first one’s a gentleman I met named Gary, pilot for Alaska Airlines out enjoying the day with his lady. The second are my mates from across the Atlantic, forgotyourname one and forgotyourname deux. The physical reward was that I got a cardio workout equivalent to one-month’s time working out at the gym.

Would’ve been nice to have one of these:

. . . Or would it? . . . That was last week on a project out at the UW. Its amazing how much a magliner can do, especially when the wheels are well-inflated. This was a few weeks ago:

The unforeseen danger of artificial chocolate cakes in microwaves.

This was more than a few weeks ago:

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